For many people a facial is as far as they go for beauty treatments, Botox is still considered a no, no for many people who don’t want to put poison into their face and most people can’t afford to go under the knife. However there are always new beauty treatments hitting the market, we look at some of the more absurd sounding, so see if you fancy giving any a go:


Vampire Facial

Keeping up With the Kardashian fans will be aware of this, an episode featured the beauty obsessed Kim going for a Vampire facial with her friend Jonathon. It’s actually called Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy, but Vampire Facial has a better ring to it. All that happens is your own blood is taken from your arm, it’s then separated with the platelets taken out which encourage collagen production. This blood with the platelets in is then injected into your anaesthetised face. Afterwards, it does leave you looking like a vampire queen, I would suggest wiping the excess blood off your face before leaving.

The treatment is on the pricy side, it can cost between £600 and £1,500 but does leave you with visibly smoother, firmer and younger-looking skin for up to 18 months. Many celebs and those with the bank balances to afford this are opting for this treatment, rather than Botox, to avoid putting chemicals and poisons into their body. Other stars including Anna Friel have opted for this treatment as an alternative, especially around award season.

Placenta Facial

Just so you know, placenta is an organ attached to the lining of your womb during pregnancy, it protects you baby as it’s growing and comes out after birth. Not really anything you would expect to use as a facial, but don’t worry you don’t put some strangers placenta or even your own on your face.

What you actually use is stem cells harvested from the placenta of New Zealand sheep. They come packaged in the Stem Cell Beauty Innovations O-Placenta™ range. Treatments are available in the Beyond MediSpa at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge and it is a 75 minute treatment which also use products with microdermabrasion and red light therapy. The treatment aids absorption of the stem cells into the skin and increase collagen production as well as reduce signs of aging.

Bee Sting Facial

Another treatment which sounds more painful than it actually is. This treatment actually has a number of high profile clients who are fans, including Royalty. The Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge are apparently fans as well as a number of other A-listers including Victoria Beckham. The bee venom used causes the skin to produce collagen and elastin as it reacts to the tingling. Don’t worry, no bees are used in this process or are harmed.

Simply the venom is extracted by having the bees sting a pane of glass with an electric charge running through it. The venom is collected and the bees retain their sting and their lives. As you can imagine the process is time consuming so the treatments are pretty pricy. However good results have come from it.

The facial is combined with techniques to relax facial muscle tissue, helps firm and tighten skin. The effects leave your skin looking brighter and tighter however results don’t last long, so regular treatments are needed for a continuous great look. Perfect for an event though.

Image courtesy of FoundryParkInn

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After GCSE – Beauty Courses

This year is the first year where students have to stay in formal education until they are 17, this move to 18 in 2015. So what are the options, if you aren’t planning on A Levels or working towards University? What careers can you work on now, which will give you training and education for the future and keep you in school till 17/18?

Many years ago Apprenticeships were the norm, those who didn’t want to go onto university were encourage to take on Apprenticeships or go out and get a job. Apprenticeships offer in job training, so whilst you general don’t receive a full salary, you get paid to train and become qualified.

Hair and Beauty is a long established apprenticeship course, studies undertaken in college before practical working environments. You can choose to either specialise in hair or beauty, many lead to job opportunities outside of the usual retail jobs in salons. Many people are now choosing apprenticeships of other further educational options, it gives you a head start in the jobs market. You have specific training regarding the sector you wish to work in. Plus it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as it does to go to university.

For information relating to course options, study and coursework as well as a whole host of other educational information the Marked by Teachers website has it all for you. Make sure you have all the information before making a decision about your future.


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Celebrities have all sorts of beauty tips and tricks, they use to make sure they look the best. The items below, are normally found in your kitchen, but they also have a use in your bathroom.

Olive oil Olive Oil

Normally left for salad dressing, olive oil can also be used as a beauty product. It has many different uses, from a conditioner in your hair, as part of a facial and even as a makeup remover. Celebrities such as Denise Richards uses olive oils, with avocado as part of a hair conditioning mask for the ends of her hair. Cate Blanchet reportedly makes her own facial to use in the shower mixing olive oil with grapefruit juice and sea salt.





coffee grounds Coffee Grounds

Not just for waking you up on a morning as a fresh cup of coffee, the left over grounds can also be used as a beauty product. Halle Berry has said that she uses coffee grounds as an exfoliating body scrub. Not only do the grounds exfoliate your skin, but apparently the caffeine helps reduce cellulite, which explains Halle’s rocking body.



Mayonnaise Mayonnaise

The ingredients in mayonnaise, help give dry tired hair a boost (mayonnaise normally has olive oil in) and celebrities such as Zoe Saldana have also seen the benefits. Using mayonnaise in place of your conditioner on occasion will give your hair a boost, leaving it looking shiny and soft.



peppermint oil Peppermint Oil

For bee stung lips celebrities like to add peppermint oil to their lip-gloss rather than going under the needle. Normally known for its digestion aiding properties, peppermint oil can also be used to achieve a bigger pout. Apparently the cooling sensation from peppermint oil, causes blood to flow better in your lips causing a bigger pout.


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Detox Drinks

detox drink There are a number of different detox drinks, there are some which you can use daily, as part of a healthy diet and fitness regime and then there are those which you do for 3 to 5 days at a time, replacing some or all meals.

The latter are usually undertaken if you want to jump start a healthy diet, especially if you have been binging on unhealthy food and drink. Or if you have something important coming u that you want to look your best for.

Simple detox drinks, to have every day:

Green Tea – If you looking for a drink packed full of antioxidants then green tea, is your drink. It has been shone to help fight diseases and improve your liver function. It also raises your body temperature which will aid weight loss.

Lemon Water – The first thing you should do when you wake up is make yourself a cup of hot lemon water. Lemon water will give your body a kick start and help detox, it alkalizes your body which will help with digestion.

Green Detox Drinks – These are something which you can make yourself at home. There are a number of recipes available online, using fresh organic vegetables. Most of the ingredients in the drinks have healthy properties, which help detox ad protect your body, so it’s easy to find something for your needs and tastes.

Fruit Detox Drinks – Like green detox drinks, these are drinks made from fresh organic fruit. Again fruits which antioxidant qualities are best to use, but be careful on the amount of natural sugars.

Cleansing Detox Drinks

Oh My Goodness

For those who are unable to diet without set structure, Oh My Goodness is a detox course favoured by WAGs. You receive four OMG juices, delivered to your home, based on your body measurements as well as your weight, fat and body water percentages. You get four juices for each day and these substitute, your meals. You stick with this diet for three days, after which you have a consultation to measure your progress.

Blueprint cleanse

There are three cleanse options with the Blueprint Cleans, Renovation (beginner), Foundation (intermediate) and Excavation Cleanse (expert). The systems on offer will suit a number of different needs, so users can find one right for them. It’s another detox which has celebrity fans and can be quite pricy. There are also options to maintain your health after the initial cleanse, to help keep you on the right path.

Master Cleanse

The master cleanse gained notoriety when singer Beyoncé stated that she used it to drop a few pounds. It is one of the more controversial options, because you basically fast for ten days only drinking the ‘lemonade’ concoction.

The Recipe (Single Serving):

2 tbs. of lemon or lime

2 tbs. of genuine maple syrup

1/10 tsp. of cayenne pepper

10 oz. water (hot or cold as preferred)

Mix it all in a glass and drink!

You should drink a minimum of 12 glasses of the lemonade, drinking whenever you get hunger pangs. You also need to take a laxative in the morning and in the evening, making sure you have 3 bowel movements a day.

At the end of the master cleanse you need to slowly re-introduce food back into your diet. You should start off with orange juice, then the next day soup, then fruits, vegetables and plenty of water, making sure you don’t overeat. Only after you’re back into a normal diet do you introduce meat, fish, milk and eggs, but keep it at a minimum.

After completing the master cleanse it is advisable to stick to a healthy diet and exercise, otherwise you will find weight coming back on quickly, especially if you revert back to eating junk foods, or those high in fat and sugar.




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The heat can prove problematic for many people to get good night’s sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep it can be detrimental to your health, however if your struggling then there is a couple of measures you can take to ensure a good night sleep.

Keeping it cool

The first place to start is your bedroom you need to make it as cool as possible. Keep your blinds and curtains closed throughout the day and then when the sun has gone down, you can open the windows to let some cooler air circulate. A cool sleeping environment will help you sleep.

Cool yourself down

Before you go to sleep, a cool bath or shower will help you sleep by lowering your body temperature. A lower body temperature will allow you to get to sleep easier. If you’re still hot try sitting in front of a fan to keep you cool or you could always make a DIY aircon system, by placing ice in front of the fan to blow cold air.

Keep yourself cool

Keep your bed sheets to a minimum and use 100% natural cotton so you skin can still breath and not make you sweat more. It’s best to use a light weight blanket rather than a duvet and keep your bed clothes to a minimum as well, nothing tight and constricting.

Keep the light out

Use blackout blinds or curtains to keep any light out this will help you drift off to sleep better. Also keep electrical items switched off during the night and keep off any computers or mobile devices or even your TV at least an hour before bed.

Don’t heat yourself up

Keep physical activity to a minimum before bed, anything that will increase your body temperature. Also stick to your bedtime routine, lighter nights may encourage you to stay up later but it will confuse your body and make it harder to get to sleep.

Keep Hydrated

Dehydration which causes headaches and body aches can disrupt you sleep, so make sure you are hydrated by drinking plenty of water and keep away from caffeinated and sugary drinks.


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Summer Nail Colours

This summer’s hottest nail collections

Essie Summer Collection

The Essie Summer 2013 Collection is bang on trend full of bright summer colours which will go perfect with your summer wardrobe. It come in six super summer shades:

Essie Nails Summer 2013

Rock The Boat – A dusty cornflower blue shade, soft and feminine.

Full Steam Ahead – A light refreshing lilac shade, perfect for a softer look.

The More The Merrier – A bright lime green shade (think Kermit the Frog).

Sunday Funday – A beautiful summer shade of coral a must in any nail collection.

The Girls Are Out – A Vivid magenta/fuchsia colour with an added sparkle.

Naughty Nautical – A Teal/turquoise summer shade with added shimmer.

Nails Inc. Summer Collection

Another great summer collection from Nails Inc. the collection is perfect for summer with a mixture of different tones:

Nails Inc Summer 2013

Primrose Hill Gardens – A perky neon pink, slightly redder in tone to usual neon’s.

Royal Botanical Gardens – A light mint green shade with a botanical feel.

Kensington Palace Gardens – A soft salmon pink shade with a botanical feel.

Belgravia Gardens – A creamy nude coffee shade.

Chelsea Physic Garden – A pretty pastel blue with a botanical feel.

Hampton Court Palace Gardens – A pretty bright orange which offsets all the other shades.

Butter London Summer Collection

A different collection of rustic metal shades and a contrasting pale blue shade, from Butter London which all work well together:

Butter London summer 2013

Sunbaker – Glitzy burnt orange shade.

Bit Faker – Copper glitter varnish.

Marbs – A liquid gold shade with little sparkles.

Champers – A liquid bronze shade with little sparkles.

Poole – A creamy cornflower blue shade.

NARS Pierre Hardy Summer Collection

NARS have launched a summer collection in collaboration with designer Pierre Hardy. Each colour comes in its own little show box and shoe back. The collection features a range of colours in their own pair:

Nars Summer 2013

Ethno Run – Orange & navy

Easy Walking – Rose gold & camel

Sharplines – Peach & burgundy

Sharks – Yellow & lavender

Vertebra – Coral & dusty rose

Venomous – Gunmetal & black (online exclusive; not shown)

Models Own Summer Collection

One of two Models Own summer colour collections the Ice Neon set comes in you guessed five bright neon shades, perfect to make a statement:

Models Own Sumeer 2013

Pink Punch – A coral/red punchy colour.

Luis Lemon – An acid yellow shade with a semi matte finish.

Toxic Apple – A bright fizzy apple shade of green.

Pukka Purple – A glossy shade of purple.

Bubblegum – A bubblegum shade of pink.

Chanel Summer Collection

Chanel’s elegant summer collections make you think of summers on the south of France, in St Tropez or Cannes. The Chanel L’Été Papillon de Chanel collection manages it again with its classic shades, revamped for summer.

Chanel Summer 2013

Lilis – Another take on coral shade for summer.

Azure – A metallic turquoise/ocean blue shade.

Bel Argus – A beep navy metallic blue shade.

Barry M Summer Collection

This summer jelly collection from Barry M reminds us of kid’s parties, check out the shades to see why:

Barry M Nails Summer 2013

Guava – A bright turquoise blue paddling pool shade.

Blue Grape – A deeper shade of blue.

Mango – An orange shade a bit like icepops.

Passion Fruit – Another fun summer coral shade.

Key Lime – A neon lime green summer shade.


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Guerlain Meteorites Pearls Guerlain Meteorites Pearls

These beautiful little pear bead of powder, are a revolutionary concept, the different coloured pearls correct and unify your complexion, the perfect addition under your foundation, or on their own. Guerlain Meteorites Pearls come in three colour options, pink, gold and beige and match up to any skin tone. The translucent light enhancing shades to capture and reflect light, leaving your skin glowing. Perfect for a natural look.

These little pearls cost £35.00



Chanel Vitalumière and Vitalumière Éclat Chanel Vitalumière and Vitalumière Éclat

When it comes to foundation, Chanel have excelled themselves with their Vitalumière foundations, they come in liquid and powder form. The liquid foundation Vitalumière; is a light foundation which gives a youthful appearance to your skin. It revives tired and dull complexions and also contains moisturisers which leave your skin moisturised and feeling soft. The liquid is easily applied with one pump and leaves a satin finish on your skin, far a radiant and natural look. The Vitalumière Éclat gives the same comfort and radiance of the liquid foundation but in a pressed powder. It leaves your skin looking soft with a sheer makeup result. You can apply with either the brush or the sponge. The sponge allows a thicker application whilst the brush allows for a light touch up or if you want a fully natural look. Both foundations contain a SPF the liquid, SPF 15 and pressed powder a SPF 10.

The Vitalumière and Vitalumière Éclat cost £34 and £45 respectively; the powder can be refilled at a cost of £30.


Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclat Radiant Touch Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclat Radiant Touch

When this was launched, it revolutionised the makeup world. It gave women the ability to add a professional touch to their makeup routine, Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclat Radiant Touch, helps cover dark circles under your eyes, disguise fine lines and hides blemishes, as well as masking signs of fatigue. It’s an instant booster, so no wonder it’s one of the luxury brands fastest selling products and their most popular. The Touché Éclat Radiant Touch is easy to apply and its light formula makes it easy to blend and handy for touch ups during the day. It’s a product in many women’s makeup bags and so far is pretty hard to beat.

You can buy Touché Éclat Radiant Touch for £25


Dior Diorshow Iconic Dior Diorshow Iconic

Mascara needs to have definition, it needs to extend lashes and last all day, without clumping. The key to this is a great formula and a great brush and Dior have this covered with their Diorshow Iconic. Their oblique brush is incredibly soft and is able to capture your lashes in one quick stroke; you don’t need any fancy application method either with this according to Dior. Their mascara is enriched with a unique lifting formula, which sculpts stretches and curves the lashes, leaving them held high with great definition. And its long lasting formula means you don’t have to keep adding to your lashes throughout the day so avoid clumping.

The Diorshow Iconic is priced at £25.


Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner

Like your mascara, your eyeliner also needs to long-lasting, waterproof formulas are the best option and Chanel’s luxury Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner is just the ticket. It’s waterproof, smudge proof and delivers long lasting definition. It comes in a range of colours and also has a built in sharpener which is always handy.

The Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner costs £19.00



Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick

This beautiful lipstick comes in a contemporary design, which makes it stand out from other luxury makeup ranges; it is a jewel lipstick compact (it has a mirror in the case) and was designed by Lorenz Baumer. Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick comes in a seductive selection of colours and their premium formula contains ruby powder which is an optical whitener to bring out the colour and shine of the shades. It is made from natural ingredients which help plump up your lips, smooth them and moisturise them.

Prices for this Lipstick are around £31.00


TOM FORD Nail Lacquer TOM FORD Nail Lacquer

This outstanding collection may not feature the same amount of colours other brands do, but Tom Ford Nail Lacquer is ground-breaking, high performance formula is what makes all the difference. The bendable coating is easy to apply and provides comprehensive coverage and shine as well as being long lasting. The colour range covers neutral colours, popular Brights and dark traditional colours.

The TOM FORD Nail Lacquer costs £25.00



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